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VPN security

Connect your sites securely


Telecoms piracy is on the rise in companies causing financial losses of several million euros per year. Companies, especially SMEs, have had enough.

Make the most of the solutions developed by OpenIP to protect you from piracy and connect your sites securely.


The VPN structure allows you to securely interconnect your sites, regardless of the distance between them. In addition, the flexibility of OpenIP's solution gives you the freedom to move, add, or remove a site easily and inexpensively, without changing your network structure.


The VPN service allows you to interconnect all your sites and mobile users with our IPVPN solutions. These VPN connections do not connect via the Internet but via OpenIP's core network, known for its efficiency and excellent level of security, a benchmark in the field of VoIP.




Nomadic access management

Our teams have designed an extremely effective firewall that allows you to connect to the Internet securely from anywhere you want. In addition, our network is fully compatible with all technologies (SDSL, 3G, fibre optic, BLR, etc.) and all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.).


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