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The MyOpenIP platform



OpenIP provides all its technical partners with the MyOpenIP software allowing them to manage all the services available to their customers in order to provide them with the best possible quality of service and support.

The MyOpenIP software also allows our Corporate customers to manage their telecom solutions independently with a wide range of functionalities accessible in just a few clicks.


What is MyOpenIP?

MyOpenIP is a tool made available to OpenIP partners and customers, allowing them to manage online the services they wish to sign up for, track their orders, set up and monitor their services and enjoy detailed online billing as well as a tool to analyze their usage statistics, the quality of their services and their use.


What are the key benefits for OpenIP customers?

MyOpenIP is a unique next-generation tool that allows OpenIP customers to be as independent as possible in the management of their telecom services:

  • Creating, modifying or deleting users
  • Updating company contact details
  • Viewing or downloading invoices
  • Online orders


MyOpenIP platform


MyOpenIP also allows OpenIP customers to monitor their telecom services and the related usage in real time:

  • Incoming/outgoing call analysis - total number of calls, number of missed calls, distribution of incoming and outgoing calls, etc.
  • Usage outside of the package or by destination
  • Unsuccessful call rates
  • Average call duration


Finally, for the more technical users, MyOpenIP gives direct access to our e-shop, allowing customers who so wish to subscribe to new services online.