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Direct Touch Routing

Telephony comes to Microsoft Teams

Available from €21.99 per month per simultaneous channel

Replace your switchboard (PBX) with Microsoft Teams, your employees’ favourite tool! Deploy telephony in your Microsoft Office suite in a few minutes without worrying about the interoperability with Microsoft. Direct Touch Routing is simply the SIP Trunk Touch, the reference SIP Trunk on the French market, integrated into the Microsoft Office suite.

A few figures

Collaborative tools at the heart of the new normal

  • 76%
    of companies believe that telework will become a regular practice following COVID-19
  • +1400%
    of Microsoft Teams users during the COVID-19 period
  • 33%
    of companies say that integrating telephony into their business applications will increase their productivity

Your benefits

Improving the user experience by integrating telephony into their preferred tool
Increased productivity through better collaboration between employees
Improved efficiency of teleworking and mobile employees
An evolution of your telephony without hardware investment
Ensuring compatibility between MS Teams and our telecom infrastructure
Fast deployment thanks to the integration of SIP Trunk Touch in the Office environment
Advanced features

SIP Trunk Touch integrated with MS Office Suite

Your calls via MS Teams
Direct Touch Routing allows you to make calls with MS Teams. The user's number is carried in O365 without taking Microsoft packages. A dialer will appear in the "Calls" tab as soon as the Microsoft license is activated. Receive or make your calls, transfer them, put callers on hold with music on hold on your PC or mobile.
No physical investment
Direct Touch Routing integrates all the Microsoft prerequisites to activate telephony on MS Teams. You don't need to install a certified SBC or even take into consideration the necessary prerequisites for deployment such as SSL certificate, Public IP, public DNS entry, firewall rules, etc.
Encrypted communications
The security of your VoIP phone system is important to your business. Direct Touch Routing is based on 4 interconnections with Microsoft. The communications pass through the SIP TLS and SRTP protocol ensuring the security and confidentiality of your exchanges.
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