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PSTN telephony

Change operator and save on your telecom bill

Available from 15€ excl. tax / month per access

Traditional telephony, or PSTN (Switched Telephone Network), is the historical technology used to provide a fixed telephony service. It is based on a physical copper network that usually leads to a T-junction on your premises. Switch your traditional telephony to OpenIP in just a few clicks and save on your bill by preparing for the gradual phasing out of PSTN.

A few figures

Key steps towards the end of the PSTN

  • 2018
    in November, the marketing of analogue lines was stopped.
  • 2019
    in November, the marketing of digital lines was stopped.
  • 2023
    gradual closure of existing analogue and digital lines
  • 20.3%
    reduction in voice consumption on the PSTN network between 2018 and 2019
  • 5
    years' notice between the announcement of the closure of RTC plates and their actual shutdown
Accompanying partners

Our local partners, the key to your success

Our partners will assist you in the study of your telephone bills. This study is the starting point for any successful project.

Your bills sometimes include several services such as Internet access, mailbox or even the website.

Please note that wholesale subscription sales (VGA) makes it possible to migrate your traditional telephony to an operator other than Orange. Choosing OpenIP is the beginning of a successful migration.

The local partner will enable you to :

  • Optimise your invoice
  • To migrate in service interruption
  • To prepare for the end of PSTN

Telephony is critical to your business. Let us help you find the offer that best suits your needs today and tomorrow.


Your benefits

Optimise your invoice
Keep your installation
Do not change your habits
Keep your numbers
Maintain your services and options
Prepare for the end of the PSTN
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