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Rainbow Touch

Transform your collaborative experience

The Rainbow Touch offer is a packaged solution for collaborative telephony hosted in France. The offer combines OpenIP’s SIP Trunk Touch and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Rainbow application.
Rainbow Touch is the ideal solution to transform your company telephony towards a 100% French collaborative telephony!
Simply order your licenses, all services are included: communications, audio/video conferences, screen sharing, instant messaging, file sharing, broadcast channels.
The Rainbow Touch offer is a unique solution adapted to the needs of the customer, whatever his sector of activity: hotels, health, education, administration, transport or trade.
Don’t phone, collaborate!

A few figures

Work together wherever you are

  • 68%
    of users want fixed telephony services to be available from their smartphones
  • 92%
    SMEs investing or planning to invest in SaaS applications and Cloud services
  • 50%
    of companies in France are equipped with an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephony solution
  • 86%
    of companies are looking to improve user experience

Your benefits

Simplify the interconnection of your geo-dispersed teams
Connect your mobile employees and ensure business continuity when working from home
Keep your business numbers
Standardize the user experience across different devices (mobile, PC)
Improve your productivity with this collaboration tool
Promote your customer / supplier exchanges
Protect yourself with encrypted communications and anti-hacking protections
Secure your data: the confidentiality of your data is assured as well as their location in France
Enjoy the freedom to change your mind with a no obligation offer
Advanced features


Touchless provisioning
The Cloud Edition phones offer the easiest deployment, no action required, just plug and play. Deploying phones remotely is no longer a constraint.
Presence management
Keep visibility on users' availability be sure to call them at the right time.
Persistent chat (Bubble)
Because all your exchanges are important, the bubbles allow you to keep all your conversations and documents exchanged and without time limits!
Audio and video conferencing
The conference, whether audio or video, is becoming a must. Create meetings with up to 120 participants and up to 12 participants in video simultaneously.
Enterprise level security
Because your data belongs only to you, the Rainbow tool is designed to meet your security and confidentiality requirements. End-to-end encryption of your communications as well as RGPD compliance and ISO27000 certification ensure your data is secure.
Outlook Event Planner
Organise and schedule invitations in your Outlook calendar with just a few clicks.
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