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Rainbow Voice Touch

Transform your collaborative experience

Rainbow Voice Touch is a packaged solution for collaborative telephony in the Cloud combining OpenIP’s SIP Trunk Touch and the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow application: audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, file sharing, broadcast channels. A solution that is eagerly awaited by many companies.

A few figures

Work together wherever you are

  • 68%
    of users want fixed telephony services to be available from their smartphones
  • 92%
    SMEs investing or planning to invest in SaaS applications and Cloud services
  • 50%
    of companies in France are equipped with an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephony solution
  • 86%
    of companies are looking to improve user experience

Your benefits

Enrichment of the means of communication
Optimising collaboration
Improved communication with the company's ecosystem
A single application for all services
Immersive communications with superior sound quality
Real-time monitoring of service usage
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