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Simple and intuitive collaboration

Available from 9.90€ HT / month per user

Unified Communications are next-generation solutions that facilitate communication and collaboration. They allow the different terminals available to users – landline, smartphone, computer – to converge thanks to a single number. Users are thus more autonomous and mobile, freed from the constraints of traditional telephony and take their corporate telephony with them wherever they go!

MetaCentrex is the Unified Communications solution that is changing the way companies of all sizes communicate on a daily basis. It integrates collaboration tools that are accessible on the move. Simply add new users, new sites or new features and gain agility.

A few figures

The digitisation of exchanges is under way

  • 7
    French employees out of 10 have occasional or regular mobility needs
  • 95%
    of young graduates aspire to telework
  • 8
    one in 10 employees in service companies work in project mode
  • 75%
    of the working population in 2025 will be part of generation Y for whom real-time collaboration is an expectation

Your benefits

Improves the productivity and efficiency of your meetings
Fosters a working environment conducive to creativity
Facilitates teleworking and nomadism
Reduces your travel and your carbon footprint
Reduces loss of calls during peak activity periods
Allows remote deployment
Improves the reception of your correspondents
Increases caller productivity
Centralises the administration of all your sites
Advanced features


Unique number
Benefit from a single phone number for all your devices. Find the company's telephony services on all your terminals: computer, landline, mobile, tablet. You are more autonomous and mobile thanks to your business tools perfectly synchronised on all your terminals. The single number also allows you to switch a call in progress to another device, without any interruption.
Video Conference
Every employee can start a video conference with just a few clicks from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Discover many collaboration features that make remote meetings as effective as face-to-face meetings: screen sharing, recording your meetings, annotations on the split screen, remote control of any participant, instant messaging, real-time subtitles.
Answering and holding your calls
The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) option allows you to greet your callers with a greeting and to adapt this message during opening and closing hours. Within the framework of this option, you can set up telephone greeting rules. You can thus direct calls to the right person (Type 1 for the sales department, Type 2 for the technical department, etc.)
Intelligent routing of your calls
Your phone calls are adapted according to your availability! Define different scenarios according to your work schedule, your appointments, or whether you are on the phone or in a meeting, don't lose any more calls and redirect them to your voicemail or the number of your choice.
Management of a team of teleconsultants
Thanks to the supervisor option, you have the possibility to listen discreetly to your advisers, so you can talk to them without the other person hearing you, it is also possible to intervene in the conversation. You have access to a wide range of statics to improve the quality of the reception of your advisers and to offer a better experience to your customers.
Computer Telephony Coupling
Discover the MetaConnect option and gain efficiency. Your employees will be faster and more efficient, they will be able to see and complete your customers' information directly from your business tools while being on the phone with them. Launch your calls from your CRM and gain in productivity.
Instant Messaging
Depending on availability, it is not always possible to reach the person you are talking to. Easier and faster than an e-mail, the chat system makes it possible to converse quickly, find out the presence status of one's colleagues or even exchange files in a few clicks.
Presence management
Presence management allows the user to inform his employees of his presence status, and therefore of his availability: busy, by appointment, on the phone, available in chat, etc. Attendance management integrates with the user's calendar indicating when the user is in a meeting.
Unified Messaging
The Unified Messaging features allow the user to benefit from a visual messaging system regrouping all the messages of his single number. The user can read his messages from all his terminals.
Unified directory
The unified directory allows the user to find his contact list on all his terminals. Adding a contact to the unified directory is done via Outlook (automatic synchronisation) or in the unified directory. In both cases, the change is immediately reflected on all the user's communication tools.
Your MyOpenIP tool

Manage your business telephony

Fully integrated with our MyOpenIP tool, you can manage your business telephony at a glance: licence activation, number activation, licence/IP extension association, automatic installation of the softphone, modification of the number to be presented, setting up of call restrictions and much more.
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