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Unleash the potential of your meeting room

Available from 38.90€ HT / month per meeting room

Conferencing is the solution to equip your meeting room at a lower cost. All you need is a computer, a webcam and an octopus to transform your meeting room into a virtual room for up to 100 people or other meeting rooms. Sharing, exchanging and meeting has never been so easy!

A few figures

Communications evolve, so do your meetings

  • 27%
    reduction of the carbon footprint linked to professional transport thanks to the use of video-conferencing
  • 96%
    of teleworkers report feeling a better quality of their personal life
  • 80%
    the use of means of transport is of a professional nature
  • 75%
    of French people think that new technologies will improve the way they work

Your benefits

Increase the capacity of your meeting room
Limit your carbon footprint and improve your CSR policy
Captivate your audience's attention and intervene more effectively
Save on all your travel expenses
Increase your productivity without changing your work habits
Quickly and easily obtain the level of satisfaction of your participants
Advanced features


Video, quite simply
Much more than a conference call, video combined with audio allows each participant to be present in the same room, no matter where they are physically located.
Meeting Manager
Allows you to view upcoming meetings at a glance and anticipate the management of this resource.
Application sharing
Participants share their screen, whether it is for a presentation or the use of a specific tool for a trade. Any participant can take control of the sharing.
Express your ideas with a diagram or drawing. Ready for your brainstorming? Get started!
Audio Connection
From the PC or with a telephone, the participant chooses how to manage the sound. A participant who does not have an Internet connection can join the meeting from a landline phone.
Recording the meeting
If the presentation can only be made once, the recording of audio and video will allow everyone to see and review the presentation.
Remote control
Take remote control of any participant's PC. Just as easily, give a participant a hand and let them take control.
Real time subtitle
The moderator of the meeting can subtitle his presentation in real time. Very few actors benefit from this feature.
The integrated chat tool allows you to exchange text or files without interrupting the current presentation. The chat can be used in public so that everyone can view the exchange, or in private if the discussion does not concern everyone.
Outlook Plugin
Meetings generated in your Outlook calendar will have all the information to log in to the meeting for all attendees in their email body. Synchronisation will then also be done with the meeting manager.
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