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SIP Trunk Touch

SIP Trunk Touch, the world of IP made simple

Available from 19.99€ HT / month per simultaneous channel

The SIP Trunk Touch is the reference SIP Trunk on the French market. A SIP Trunk is a telecom access based on an Internet connection. You can thus free yourself from your old analogue lines or ISDN access. You personalise your access by choosing your package, unlimited or by the minute, and the number of simultaneous calls necessary for the smooth running of your business. You can also keep your existing numbers or request the creation of new numbers. IP telephony has never been so simple and advantageous!

A few figures

Dive into the world of IP with us!

  • + de 20%
    of savings on average thanks to migration to VoIP
  • 72%
    of companies are interested in VoIP for the new collaborative functionalities it provides
  • 100%
    of our customers are accompanied by a local partner to plunge into the world of IP
Accompanying partners

Our local partners, the key to your success

Corporate telephony is a critical service. You can migrate your telephony without service interruption thanks to the support of our local partners. But not only that! The world of IP opens the door to many new functionalities. Our partners will be able to map your needs and offer you the technical solution that best suits your business and also your employees.

Which telephone switchboard (PBX) to adopt? Prefer an on-site solution or adopt a hosted solution? Keep physical telephones or switch to soft phones? To equip yourself with mobile phones or cordless phones (DETC)? Let yourself be guided by our partners who will find the ideal solution for you and train you in the new uses.

The local partner will enable you to :

  • Optimise savings
  • Avoid service interruptions
  • Train users in the new tools
  • Promote the adoption of the new solution

Thanks to our manufacturer certification programme, your partner will guarantee the compatibility of your PBX with the SIP Trunk Touch. Find all the certified manufacturers on the SIP Trunk Touch!


Your benefits

The freedom to consume without counting and to change your mind with our unlimited, non-binding
Invoice control with the possibility of prohibiting calls outside the bundle
Communication quality thanks to high-definition sound
Visibility of the quality of each call and access to the history of these quality scores
Flexibility with the ability to adjust the call capacity of your SIP Trunk at no charge
Security thanks to innovative anti-piracy protections
High availability thanks to the geo-redundancy of the service and emergency referrals
Peace of mind with the guarantee of 99.9% availability of the Telephone Service.
Guaranteed compatibility between your PBX and our telecom infrastructure
The continuity of our interoperability programme: is your PBX evolving? Our certification follows it!
Openness towards the new functionalities expected by generations Y and Z: collaboration, nomadism and teleworking.
The comfort of a technical support based in France
Advanced features

A closer look at VoIP

Packages for every use
We offer an all-inclusive unlimited package including calls to landlines and mobiles in France and to 100 international destinations. A DOM TOM version of this unlimited plan exists including calls to Martinique and Guadeloupe. For small calls, we offer metered or unlimited packages to landline numbers only.
Invoice control
The Touch range includes outgoing call restriction features. You can bar outgoing calls outside the bundle or block calls to mobile, premium rate or international numbers. This setting is applicable for the entire SIP Trunk and can be customised per user.
Compatibility with all PBXs on the French market
The following manufacturers and publishers are certified with SIP Trunk Touch: 3CX, Alcatel, Asterix, Centile, Cisco, Damalisk, Grandstream, Innovaphone, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic, XiVO, Swyx, Unify, Vodia, Wazo, Wildix, Yeastar, and many others!
Setting up emergency numbers
Your local partner is responsible for the correct functioning of the emergency numbers. The Touch range allows this parameter to be personalised per user to facilitate teleworking or the deployment of small remote sites. Your site is in Nantes and you want to open an office in Toulouse for 2 employees? No problem, we have the solution for you!
Anti-piracy protection
A telecoms hack can cost thousands of euros in a few hours. Hackers are continually finding new ways to bypass operator security. This is why OpenIP has been investing for years in anti-hacking protection and has developed its own artificial intelligence to better protect each user.
Blocking unwanted calls
The Touch range allows you to block certain incoming calls. You can choose to block anonymous calls or specific numbers. The blocked caller will hear a busy ring. Number blacklisting applies to the entire SIP Trunk. Each user can add his or her own list of blacklisted numbers to the list of unwanted numbers specified by the company.
National or international numbers
Are you attached to your numbers? No problem. Wear your French geographical or non-geographical (09) numbers on your VoIP telephony. If you need new numbers, you can choose French, international or even mnemonic numbers to help your correspondents remember your number.
The deletion of Orange subscriptions
SIP Telephony relies on an Internet link allowing you to cancel Orange subscriptions for your analogue lines and ISDN accesses. This Internet connection can be dedicated to the VoIP service or shared with Internet services.
Guaranteed voice service with QoS
If you choose to share services over an Internet connection, then you must apply QoS to the voice service to guarantee the quality of the communication. With the Touch range, one click is all it takes to activate this option on your voice service.
Automatic forwarding of incoming calls
A diversion is a redirection of incoming calls to the number of your choice. Set up unconditional call forwarding or emergency call forwarding that will only be triggered if the voice service is cut off. You can customise a different call forwarding number for each number in your business phone to ensure that no calls are lost.
The emergency SIP Trunk for multisites
You have two sites and two SIP Trunks? Set the first Trunk as backup for the second and vice versa. This way, in case of a local problem on one of the two sites, incoming calls will be automatically redirected to the other site according to the call distribution strategy that you have defined on your PBX.
Personalisation of the presentation of the numbers
Is the number of your switchboard important to you? Would you like to make it known? Distribute your switchboard number by presenting it for all calls made from your SIP telephony. You can also, if you do not wish to be called back, decide to hide your number for all your outgoing calls.
Trunk SIP parameterization in a few clicks
The Touch range allows you to customise the settings of your SIP telephony very easily. For example, you can adapt the format of the numbers sent by the SIP Trunk or the display format of the numbers of incoming calls. Your proximity partner will adjust these technical parameters to ensure that the user experience is the one you want.
Visibility of the type of traffic
How many incoming calls do you receive per day? How many outgoing calls do your employees make? How many calls have you missed? Analysing the nature of your company's telephone traffic allows you to optimise resources and increase productivity.
Analysis of traffic quality
Each call has a qualitative note that you will find in MyOpenIP. The scores of all calls are represented on a graph highlighting the feeling of users and their correspondents about the quality of the voice service. These notes are also available in the call log.
Your MyOpenIP tool

Control VoIP with your fingertips

The Touch range is fully controllable and monitorable from MyOpenIP. Personalise the presentation of the number, calls to emergency numbers or the blocking of unwanted calls. Retrieve the quality rating of each call, analyse the type of traffic (incoming, outgoing, off-hook, unanswered) and the destination of your calls.
More about MyOpenIP
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