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SDSL Enterprise Access

Boost your Internet speed with SDSL technology:
fast, guaranteed speeds


Do you want a reliable, professional Internet connection?

Is your Internet connection a crucial issue for your company and so you need guaranteed speeds and a Recovery Time Guarantee in the event of an incident?

SDSL Enterprises solutions are tailored to your needs! 


SDSL, Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is an Internet access technology that guarantees an equal upload and download speed.

These SDSL solutions are ideal for IP Telephony or site-to-site connectivity. You can transfer large files, use video conferencing, backup your data, increase your company's communication capabilities, with complete peace of mind.


As a default, each SDSL connection is supplied with an RTG (Recovery Time Guarantee) of 4 hours - 5 days a week between 9am and 7pm (24/7 RTG is optional).


SDSL solutions can therefore be adapted to meet the needs of all types of companies with data speeds ranging from 512K to 16M. The reliability of this access allows companies to take advantage of a wide range of collaborative applications to boost their productivity and efficiency:

  • Large file transfer
  • IP Telephony
  • Video Streaming
  • Software hosting
  • Backup
  • Video Conferencing
  • Backup


By purchasing one of our SDSL packages, you benefit from on-site installation by one of our 1,000 integration partners throughout France. These local installers are trained and certified by us, in order to guarantee our customers high quality technical support and installation.



Technical specifications

  • Guaranteed speed
  • More bandwidth (no more ATM-related loss). SDSL EFM connections are an actual IP throughput unlike SDSL ATM which blocks 76% of the theoretical throughput related to ATM transport
  • Native management of QoS level 2 with three service classes
  • Up to 16M symmetrical rate
  • 1 Fixed IP address
  • Availability rate exceeding 99.9%.
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Modem included


    Technical requirements

    • VLAN 2900 tag from Switch/Router port connected to the modem
    • Application of at least one CoS 802.1p mark (or 2).


    Service promises

    • Guaranteed recovery time within 4 hours
    • Proactive monitoring of the SDSL link
    • Dedicated company technical support
    • Monitoring and usage management platform



    • Extended 24/7 RTG
    • OpIOS Router


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