Work from your desk, wherever you are!

In 2020, the world is changing.

Telework is becoming a norm in companies. It is synonymous with agility and flexibility, and allows companies to continue their business while freeing themselves from physical constraints such as the geographical location of employees or on-site capacity.

The choice of appropriate solutions is essential to the implementation of teleworking so that companies remain reachable, employees can continue to collaborate under good conditions, communications with customers, partners or suppliers are not degraded, and the security of company data is not jeopardised.

Discover all our solutions for implementing teleworking in your company!

#On the way to the new normal

A few figures

The rise of telework

  • 95%
    of young graduates aspire to telework
  • 96%
    of teleworkers say they feel a better quality of personal life
  • 75%
    of French people think that new technologies will improve the way they work
  • 73%
    of companies believe that collaborative technologies can increase sales

Your benefits

Increased production and productivity
Improved quality of life
Better work-life balance
Reduced costs for the company
Facilitating the recruitment of new talent
Reduction of transport time
Reduced absenteeism and turnover
Better concentration on the part of employees
Greater autonomy in managing tasks

The key needs of the teleworker

An Internet connection not disturbed by other household uses
The first essential element for a teleworker is to have a good Internet connection. For this, it is important to equip your employees with mobile Internet solutions, so as not to leave them dependent on the quality of their personal equipment (box) whose quality of service is not reliable. The Internet Premium option of our OpenSIM mobile offer meets this need by allowing your teleworkers to benefit from an unlimited Internet connection, as well as a fixed public IP address if necessary.
Comprehensive and intuitive collaboration tools
To enable teleworkers to remain remotely accessible and enjoy the full benefits of their corporate telephony, you need to switch to a collaboration tool. Unified Communications solutions create real-world communications conditions: video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, presence management, and more. Our MetaCentrex and Direct Touch Routing solutions allow you to access these services while being remotely deployable: no need to physically travel to equip your employees!
Secure access to business applications
The security of your company's data and business applications is paramount. In a teleworking situation, there are many exchanges of company data: between remote sites, hosted sites and teleworkers. It is vital for your company to secure the flows between remote users and applications, in order to preserve the confidentiality of your data. Our VPN security solutions can meet this need and provide the secure access required to implement teleworking.
Business Mobile Telephony
To complete the teleworker's package, you can equip your employees with a mobile phone solution. Teleworkers will be able to make phone calls directly from their business line, and keep their mobile Internet speed for video meetings, file sharing, downloading, etc. Our OpenSIM offer is particularly well suited to business needs as it allows you to build up a stock of SIM cards to equip your employees, and thus anticipate the arrival of new employees, and allows you to choose the network that best suits the coverage of your employees' homes: Orange, SFR or Bouygues when your cards are activated.

Our solutions for implementing telework


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