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Packaged Hosted Telephony

The French Private Cloud designed for your voice projects

Discover our solutions for hosting your business telephony in our Private Cloud. Opting for packaged hosted telephony will ensure agility and security for your voice projects. Rely on our 100% French and geo-redundant datacenters while combining our SIP telephony solutions. This means that your communications do not pass through the Internet, guaranteeing you control over the routing of your end-to-end voice flow and its quality.

Our hosted telephony offers are specially packaged to give you a seamless experience. Relax and spend your time with your customers.

A few figures

On the road to digital transformation

  • 47%
    of IT decision makers prefer to host their telephony in a private cloud
  • 80%
    of companies choose not to trust a public cloud to host their telephony
  • 70%
    of companies feel poorly supported in their migration to the cloud
Hosted Telephony Packages

Our Manufacturer Offers

MyCloud 3CX

By unifying telephone calls, videoconferencing and instant messaging, employees work with a centralised tool and collaborate in real time. Whatever the size of your business, unified communications improves collaboration, boosts...
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MyCloud Wildix

Wildix UC&C turns your PBX into a new professional tool accessible via the browser of your PC or smartphone. Unified and Collaborative Communications are no longer an advantage reserved for...
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IstraCloud is based on a platform of collaborative services (Audioconference, Videoconference, Chat…). Discover a telephone switchboard adapted to all your communication means, whether they are wired or mobile, whether you...
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Advanced features


100% French
All our Datacenters are located in France.
Public IP
The iPBX is accessible from anywhere on the Internet, provided with a Public IP.
The iPBX can be secured through a firewall managed by OpenIP.
Customise the VM according to the manufacturer's requirements in terms of CPU/RAM/DD.
High availability
Benefit from geo-redundant storage in our Datacenters.
Benefit from a daily backup of the VM, allowing the restitution of the last 7 occurrences.
Benefit from an included 4-hour response time guarantee in working hours.
The iPBX is directly connected to the SIP Trunk Touch platform without passing through the public Internet. The voice flow is controlled and prioritised from your site to your iPBX.
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Flyer Cloud Telephony
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Our hosting solutions

MyCloud Telephony

Can’t find your favourite PBX in our packaged hosted telephony offers? It’s easy! Use our MyCoud Telephony offer to host any iPBX. Simply customise the VM configuration according to the...
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Dedicated Cloud

A Dedicated Cloud is a dedicated virtual space hosted within OpenIP Datacenters. It enables the implementation of a virtual platform allowing all your VMs to communicate with each other in...
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