The Telecom, IT & Cloud service platform

OpenIP provides its partners with an e-commerce platform to market a wide range of Telecom, IT & Cloud services. With MyOpenIP, companies and their integrators benefit from a tool allowing them to manage online the services to which they wish to subscribe, follow their orders, configure and monitor their services, benefit from detailed online invoicing as well as a tool statistical analyses of their consumption, the quality of their services and their uses.

The application for Service Operators

MyOpenIP, a unique platform to manage your MSP activity

MyOpenIP meets the needs of MSPs, Telecoms, IT & Cloud service providers, requiring a tool allowing them to build their offers, sell them, deploy them, support them and invoice them, throughout their customers’ consumption journey.

The MyOpenIP application allows you to build your MSP activity autonomously and manage it effectively. The application is fully configurable, allowing an MSP to define its own catalog of offers by packaging its services with Telecoms, IT & Cloud offers. The MSP can thus benefit from its own e-commerce store and display only the offers defined in its catalog.

Deployment processes are fully configurable and give end customers good visibility at each stage of the production of their services and their uses over time (monitoring, support, invoicing).


MyOpenIP makes your business more efficient, helps you to retain your customers and develop a recurring business with high margin!


Your advantages

Simply become an OpenIP Ambassador or Service Operator (MSP)
Be a player in the digital transformation of your customers
Benefit from an e-shop with the charter of your company
Take advantage of a unique Telecom and Cloud marketplace
Build and distribute all your service offerings, packaged in the form of a subscription
Discover an intuitive and automated customer journey
Digitalised Customer Experience

An intuitive and automated customer journey

The MyOpenIP platform allows you to benefit from a unique catalog of Telecoms, IT & Cloud services built to meet the needs of companies and their users: personalised catalog, e-commerce store, webmarketing & leads, online quotes & orders, sales management.
Much more than a simple Telecom, IT & Cloud e-commerce store, the MyOpenIP platform allows users to track their order, configure their service: order tracking, logistics & coordination of deployment, configuration & configuration of services.
MyOpenIP allows users to monitor usage and track the quality of their services: service monitoring, usage statistics, alerts & push, quality measurements, ticketing, support.
The MyOpenIP platform allows you to manage all the key stages of your activity, sales, deployment, support and of course, finance: customer follow-up, billing of services, termination, financial management, electronic contract.
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