Use your expertise to help your customers

OpenIP has chosen a 100% indirect approach, pairing each company up with the best local experts. We provide our network of partners⁠—located throughout France⁠—with quality support and services to help them succeed and meet their customers' needs. Want to become an OpenIP partner? Seize the moment and take control of your future!

Our Partner Programmes

We offer partnership programmes tailored to your company. You can choose to become an OpenIP Ambassador or become a Service Operator (MSP). As an Ambassador you distribute our service offer and receive recurring commissions on your customers' usage. As a Service Operator, you build your own catalogue of services and develop recurring revenues under your own brand.
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We provide our partners with a service platform that allows complete, intuitive and automated management of the customer journey. With MyOpenIP, you benefit from a tool that allows you to manage online the services you wish to subscribe to, track your orders, parameterise and monitor your services and benefit from detailed online invoicing.
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Webinars & Training

The IT and telecoms sector is in constant motion, as are the needs of businesses, which are also constantly changing. In order to always stay as close as possible to these needs and to offer a service that is always efficient and of high quality, we offer our partners a rich and complete training programme and webinars, enabling you to train yourself, commercially and technically, on the offers and solutions that you market.
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