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The OpenIP Partner Programme


In order to provide you with the technical support and accessibility necessary to set up and support our packages, OpenIP has set up a high quality Partner Programme: a unique ecosystem delivering high-level technical support during the roll-out of the packages, or during their operation.


Who are the OpenIP Partners?

The OpenIP Partner Programme focuses on IT resellers, private installers or integrators who wish to distribute a range of Telecom & Cloud services in addition to their services (hardware resale, installation, maintenance, etc.).

Today, the OpenIP Partner Programme has over 1,000 integrators throughout France.


What is the role of OpenIP Partners?

The role of OpenIP Partners is to support the company, to recommend solutions that meet its needs, to roll them out within the company and to support users, both at the beginning, in training to use services correctly, but also over time, since the environment and the company's needs evolve over time.


OpenIP Partners provide customers with local technical support. They are actually much more responsive, due to their size and geographical location, and are fully aware of the company's expectations, the needs of the employees, as well as the company's specific features.


This provides companies with the benefit of richer and more qualitative services, with local technical support guaranteeing them peace of mind and efficiency!


Partner Programme

In order to better support its partners, OpenIP offers them a comprehensive training and support programme:

  • Face-to-face training, or through a series of webinars, provide all the skills, both technical and commercial, to successfully provide the services to their customers.
  • Access to marketing tools, so that their marketing is as good as that of major operators.
  • Access to our "MyOpenIP" web platform that allows them to digitize the customer experience and simplify their relationships with their corporate customers.


Feel free to contact us to be put in touch with an OpenIP partner

If you are interested in becoming an OpenIP partner, click here.