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OpenIP interconnection rules


OpenIP, a telecom operator exercising a significant influence on the relevant fixed termination market, presents below the main methods of interconnection to its fixed network.


OpenIP sets up within its IP network SIP Service Points (PSS) dedicated to the termination service of voice calls on its network.

The PSS can be addressed exclusively using the “SIP” protocol.


The location of the relevant interconnection points are as follows:

  • Alphalink Telco Center : 53 avenue de l’Europe 92400 Courbevoie
  • Equinix PA3 : 114 Rue Ambroise Croizat 93200 Saint-Denis


The methods of connection to these points:

  • Physical : Cross-connect 1 Go LX
  • Routing : IP/BGP
  • Service : SIP
  • Redundant on our 2 Parisian POPs


The contact details for any interconnection request

Any interconnection request must be made to the following email address:


Tariffs relating to communications delivered over IP interconnection

The following tariffs are applicable for operators with interconnection to OpenIP networks.

Called Caller Interconnection point C1 C2 R1 R2 Tariff
OpenIP Fixe Fixe géo SIP valide valide 0,00077
OpenIP Fixe Fixe non géo SIP valide valide 0,00077


R1R2 : original identifier of the calling network. Characters of the IdLoc field transmitted by the signaling according to ARCEP recommendations.

Calls not respecting this provision to OpenIP will be increased by 0.0003 € / min.


C1C2 : caller location identification. For fixed geographic numbers, the location is determined by the caller’s ZABPQ. For non-geographic fixed numbers and mobile numbers, the location is determined by the C1C2 characters of the IdLoc field transmitted by the signage according to ARCEP recommendations.