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Life at OpenIP

OpenIP in a few figures

2005 year of creation
72 employees
04 agencies
33 average age
03 and a half years: average employee time with the company
17 percentage of turnover
28 percentage of women
36 employee training programmes
+800 webinars organised

The OpenIP project

OpenIP is a young company aiming to support businesses as they go through digitalisation.
We work with over 1000 partners and several thousand customer businesses daily.
The key to our success comes down to teamwork, innovation and communication.

Why should you join the OpenIP team?


- Young company
- Family feeling
- A smaller-scale business in a thriving market


Work environment

- Flexible and adaptable definition of tasks in different positions
- Open and attentive to the suggestions of employees
- Ongoing progession with numerous internal promotions and personalised training plans
- Employees enjoy independence and responsibility


Sector of activity

- IP telephony sector is thriving
- Technologies are constantly developing
- Network of partners throughout France
- Solutions at the focus of digitalisation

OpenIP values

A bold approach
Technical expertise
Operating locally

Our events

OpenIP is a dynamic business which organises a number of events throughout the year, both for promoting its offers and services at trade fairs as well as cultivating a team spirit and positive energy amongst its employees through team-building events and social evenings! At OpenIP, we're always happy to meet up and raise a glass!

Our awards

VIP Partner Snom
Frost & Sullivan
Internet Telephony

Our partner schools