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OpIOS Router

The high availability of VoIP simply

Available from 6€ HT / month

OpenIP took the decision to develop its own router in order to guarantee the quality of your Voice over IP projects while keeping an attractive price. The OpIOS wifi managed router is designed to meet the best practices of Voice over IP. Its administration interface is a major asset making the configuration simplified while guaranteeing to be protected from today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

A few figures

OpIOS at the heart of your VoIP projects

  • 86%
    of companies consider high availability to be essential to a VoIP project
  • 57%
    of companies consider the investment of a router adapted to VoIP too expensive
  • 76%
    of the routers on the market require investment in training to be configured
Accompanying partners

Our local partners, the key to your success

The OpIOS managed wifi router has a web-based management interface that facilitates the administration and configuration of the router by your proximity partner and the adaptability of the router for your company.

OpenIP partners are trained in the administration of OpIOS and can, if they wish, rely on OpenIP support for complex installations.


Your benefits

Simplified administration and availability of French technical support
Enhanced service continuity thanks to the Failover system
Guarantee and quality of audio through QoS (Quality of Service) management
Competitive and attractive price
Automatic and free updates
Compatible with any Internet connection
Advanced features


Adaptation of the equipment
The OpIOS router benefits from the latest technical, functional and security enhancements to meet the most demanding requirements for VoIP deployments. As fast as it is powerful, it supports fibre speeds of up to 500 Mbits. The router is commissioned without service interruption.
Service continuity
Several Internet connections can be connected to the OpIOS allowing the Failover system to be set up. In the event of failure of one of the links, the router automatically switches the traffic to the second connection guaranteeing users continuity of service.
High definition audio guaranteed
The OpIOS router has the capacity to prioritise the Voice stream over other streams (Internet, etc.), in order to always guarantee an excellent quality of Voice service. The combination of the OpIOS, an OpenIP Internet connection and an OpenIP voice service allows the prioritisation of VoIP from the customer's LAN to the heart of the OpenIP Operator infrastructure.
Easy to set up
The router can be configured from an interface, accessible from any web browser: equipment configuration is quick and easy. Thanks to this interface, once the installation has been carried out with your integrator, you can be autonomous to modify the configuration of your equipment.
Maintenance and lifetime router warranty
The router configuration is saved twice a day. In case of a proven router failure, a new OpIOS is sent with the existing configuration. OpenIP carries out daily remote maintenance to guarantee the stability of the equipment. It is also monitored 24 hours a day to guarantee its proper functioning.
Remote management
This feature allows integrators to make remote adjustments to their customers' routers or, in the event of a technical failure, allows OpenIP support teams to take control of the routers to search and analyse the source of the problem.
The OpIOS router allows the setting up of IPSec VPN for the connection between two sites (LAN to LAN) and nomadic VPN for the connection of roaming users.
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