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Internet Mobile

Broadband Internet where and when you want it!

Available from 9€ HT / month

Opt for OpenSIM Mobile Internet solutions and benefit from a simple solution for complex situations: a broadband Internet solution on the move, offices that have fixed Internet access with insufficient speed or an option to always have Internet access ready to use even in the event of a power cut.

Do you have a particular technical configuration? Our Premium Internet and Fixed IP address options are available with all our packages.

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A few figures

Mobile Internet, a simple solution at the heart of business needs

  • 90%
    of French companies could improve the quality of their Internet access with a 4G solution and tomorrow 5G: speed & availability

Your benefits

One supplier for your telephony, internet and IT needs
Your own stock of SIM cards available
Instant activation in a few clicks
The choice of network that suits you and the freedom to change
The freedom of a non-binding offer
Replacing fixed Internet access with Internet Premium and fixed IP
Advanced features


Premium Internet
Mobile Internet access is adapted to the needs of companies and professionals. Unlike consumer solutions, there are no restrictions on the applications used, the number of sessions, the security of access, etc. You can therefore equip an entire site with several employees with OpenSIM Mobile Internet access.
Permanent IP address
Remote access to sites hosting applications, control of connected objects, information feedback, etc. depending on the technical solutions implemented, the Fixed IP Address option simplifies the implementation of all these uses.
Without commitment
You can change your package during the month at no extra cost. You will receive SMS alerts to monitor your Internet data consumption during the month, allowing you to change your package reactively if your needs change.
When you subscribe, choose the network that suits you: Orange, SFR or Bouygues. You can then change networks to suit your coverage and needs independently.
SIM Card
A single SIM card for all 3 operator networks. The SIM card is in a triple cut-out format, allowing it to be adapted to the use of any mobile phone.
Activable at any time
With just a few clicks, you can order and activate your SIM cards at any time: thanks to our MyOpenIP application, you or your local partner can decide the best time to activate your services and those of your employees.
SIM cards stock
You can build up a stock of SIM cards to manage your corporate mobile fleet independently: a new employee? A lost SIM card? A different operator depending on your geographical area? You opt for flexibility and reactivity.
Your MyOpenIP tool

MyOpenIP, your monitoring tool

Our MyOpenIP application allows you to manage your business mobile packages in complete autonomy thanks to numerous functionalities: association of your employee packages with new SIM cards in case of loss, change of operator, adjustments of your packages and options, consultation and management of your consumption, and much more!
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