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A secure corporate network for all your sites

Available from 10€ HT / month

IPVPN allows you to interconnect all your sites in a private and secure network via the OpenIP core network. The different sites thus exchange data without going through the Internet. You transform virtually all your sites into a private site. The IPVPN, or MPLS VPN, guarantees reliable and secure access to the company’s hosted applications.

A few figures

Use of IPVPN by Companies

  • 71%
    of data breaches target SMEs
  • 60%
    of SMEs under attack file for bankruptcy
  • 67%
    of companies choose an MPLS VPN to access their hosted applications without going through the Internet

Your benefits

Connection resilience through multi-operator network
Speed at the best price with the choice of Internet technology
Securing inter-site exchanges
Centralization of data flows from all your sites
Securing Voice over IP
Integration with French cloud hosting
Advanced features

The IPVPN in detail

Level 3 VPN
Your sites communicate via a private network, without going through the Internet. The flows are centralised in the OpenIP network core and we add an Internet access available for all the sites.
Connection to your dedicated Cloud
Connect a dedicated cloud to your IPVPN to host all your applications. All of your company's sites will then have transparent access to this additional virtual site.
One public address for all your sites
The local area networks (LANs) of all your sites are seen as one private network. This network has a common public IP address for all your sites.
Centralized flow management
The flow of all your sites is centralised in the OpenIP operator network core. If you wish, you can host your own router in our Cloud to control the security of your sites centrally.
Multi-operator collection
Choose your links among many operators: Orange, SFR, Axione, Kosc, Covage, Eurafibre, Altitude
A choice of multi-technology Internet connections
Adapt Internet access to your needs thanks to a wide choice of technologies: FTTH, FTTE, dedicated fibre, SDSL, VDLS or ADSL
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