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Managed and Secure Enterprise Broadband Internet

Available from 70€ HT / month

An SDSL Internet connection brings broadband to businesses that are not yet eligible for Fibre. The dedicated business SDSL is a high-speed, 100% guaranteed and 100% symmetrical broadband Internet access. The speed of an SDSL Internet connection is symmetrical, suitable for professional uses such as telephony over IP, videoconferencing or sending files.

Our company SDSL is managed and secured. Take advantage of service continuity thanks to a multi-operator connection, the protection of your installation with a firewall and the visibility of your data consumption in real time.  Don’t forget that securing your Internet service is a prerequisite for the digitisation of your company.

Accompanying partners

Our local partners, the key to your success

OpenIP works with a network of more than 1,300 local partners whose role is to accompany you in the digitalisation of your company. Let your local partner take care of setting up your secure and managed high-speed Internet access.

Whether it’s throughput quality, guaranteed continuity of service or protection against cyber attacks, our partners will adapt your installation to your needs. Make the choice of serenity with OpenIP partners, and benefit from technical support and quality installation!


Your benefits

Guaranteed high upload and download speeds
Guaranteed Recovery Time (GTR) within 4 hours.
National eligibility through a multi-operator offer
Enhanced service continuity through failover and back-up
Guarantee and quality of audio through QoS (Quality of Service) management
Visibility into your data consumption
Monitoring the quality of your connection
The protection of your installation with the included firewall
Advanced protection with built-in DDOS safeguards
Advanced features


Service continuity
An installation with two Internet connections from different operators provides protection against generic operator incidents. Your installation includes a fail-over to allow automatic switching in case of a service interruption. You can also choose a 4G back-up to protect yourself from a digger in your neighbourhood cutting off your two operator accesses!
Firewall settings by our local partner will protect your installation. Anti-DDOS protection is included in all our Internet connections allowing you to go a step further in securing your business against cyber attacks.
The visibility of your data consumption allows you to check that your access is well sized for your uses. We also offer web traffic analysis to give you visibility of how your Internet access is used.
Quality of service
SDSL offers a guaranteed speed. The connection is reserved from end to end exclusively for your use, guaranteeing you a constant and flawless flow. IP telephony is prioritised from your installation to our operator's core network, optimising the quality of communications.
100 % french
All our DataCenters and collection points are located in France.
Fixed public IP
IP addressing makes it possible to reach one or more IT devices on your network from the Internet. Additional fixed IP addresses can be ordered as an option.
Your MyOpenIP tool

MyOpenIP, your monitoring tool

Thanks to MyOpenIP you, or your local partner, can retrieve the connection information of the Internet links, supervise in real time your data consumption and the link quality. You can also activate Voice QoS, allowing you to prioritise the VoIP flow. This way, you will enjoy the best possible experience.
More about MyOpenIP
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