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Fibre Optic

OpenIP Fibre Optic

Very high speed Internet


Does your company need high bandwidth and a reliable quality of service guarantee for access to IT applications, the use of collaborative solutions and the transfer of large-scale information?

Switch to Very High Speed with Enterprise Fibre Optic!

Fibre Optic


Fibre Optic is the next generation of Internet access for businesses.


Fast & Smooth

Fibre Optics transport information by means of a light signal that does not diminish, in addition to being unaffected by electromagnetic disturbances.

Your Internet connection remains stable, even during heavy use. You benefit from a connection that's always smooth, a guaranteed speed at all times and symmetrical speed with a quality of service guarantee.

With a Fibre Optic solution, you can benefit from guaranteed speeds of up to 1GB. As a result, all types of use are smooth, from surfing the Internet to using remote applications and large-scale data exchange, increasing productivity for each and every employee.


Communication & Collaboration

The speeds available with Fibre Optic allow you to take full advantage of the new communication and collaboration possibilities that are gradually being adopted by all companies: videoconferencing, document sharing, remote meeting planning, etc.

Collaborative activities in the cloud are also smoother and more stable, boosting employee productivity: storage space, data backup, etc.


Savings & Stability

Fibre Optic solutions can be more cost-effective for companies: operating and maintenance costs are lower than those of an ADSL or SDSL package. In some areas, our fibre solutions provide access to much higher symmetric speeds than SDSL links for the same price.


Installation by a local Expert

OpenIP guarantees that your installation will be carried out by a certified local expert.

With a network of over 1000 IT resellers, private installers and integrators, OpenIP provides you with a quality installation and maintenance service: an installer in your region who comes to your site to roll out and maintain your telecoms solution and who will work with you on a daily basis to meet your evolving needs.


Partner networks


To encourage the take-up of broadband in their area, local authorities have set up Public Service Delegations (PSDs) to roll out local fibre optic networks.

Generally, they rely on specialized partners to build, operate and market these optic networks. The business model of these PSDs offers attractive prices for solutions adapted to the needs of companies.

Thanks to its connection agreements with the different private and public networks, OpenIP provides you with maximum coverage throughout the country.


OpenIP is now connected to the Orange, SFR, Completel, Axione, Covage, Tutor, Colt, Altitude and KOSC Telecom networks.


Partner Networks


Technical specifications

  • Unrestricted use of speeds which can reach 1 Gb
  • Symmetrical speed
  • A stable and guaranteed speed that does not deteriorate with distance
  • Availability rate in excess of 99.9%.
  • 4 hour RTG
  • Allows the use of all IP applications
  • Ability to set up a redundant architecture to provide maximum security
  • Control interface


Fibre Optic

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