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ADSL & VDSL Pro access

High Speed Internet for SMEs


Are you looking for a very competitively priced Internet solution that is quick and easy to set up?

Our ADSL and VDSL Pro solutions are the perfect solution for your company's needs.


ADSL, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, and VDSL, Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, are the ideal solutions for accessing the Internet and our VoIP solutions at extremely competitive rates.

Setup is quick and easy: you keep your existing telephone network, there is no additional work required. You can feel confident in choosing proven technology that has been in use since 1999.

The installation and rollout of the solution is carried out by a local technical expert, trained and certified by OpenIP, in order to provide our customers with high quality technical support and installation.


ADSL solutions allow asymmetric speed connections of up to 22 Mb download and 3 Mb upload.


VDSL solutions provide asymmetric connection speeds of up to 100 Mb download and 10 Mb upload.

The speed varies based on the distance between the main telephone line and the closest substation. 


ADSL and VDSL solutions therefore enable small and medium-sized businesses, which have no critical use of the Internet for their business, to benefit from professional and economical Internet solutions.


Technical specifications

  • Asymmetric speed
  • A theoretical maximum speed of 20M / 1M in ADSL 2+
  • Compatible with VoIP
  • Compatible with our routers
  • No RTG
  • No recovery time in the event of power failure


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