Customer area

MyOpenIP, your digital and intuitive customer area

OpenIP makes the MyOpenIP application available to all its partners, which allows them to manage all the services available to their customers in order to provide them with high quality service and support. The MyOpenIP application also enables our business customers to manage their Telecom solutions independently with a large number of features accessible in just a few clicks.

MyOpenIP, what is it?

MyOpenIP is a tool made available to OpenIP partners and customers, allowing them to manage online the services to which they wish to subscribe, follow their orders, configure and monitor their services and benefit from detailed online invoicing as well as a tool for analysing their consumption statistics, the quality of their services and their uses.

The benefits for our customers

MyOpenIP is a unique and new generation tool, which allows our customers to have maximum autonomy in the management of their telecom services: creation, modification or deletion of users, updating of company details, consultation or downloading of invoices, online orders. MyOpenIP also allows OpenIP customers to monitor their telecom services and associated consumption in real time: analysis of incoming / outgoing calls - total number of calls, number of missed calls, distribution of incoming / outgoing calls, consumption outside the bundle or by destination, call rate in failure, average duration of calls.

Interaction with OpenIP teams

From their MyOpenIP interface, our customers can easily interact with our teams. 2 tools are at their disposal for this. Our Ticketing tool, which allows our customers, or their partner, to report incidents online in just a few clicks. Our teams then keep you informed in real time of the processing of your requests. Our Messaging tool, which allows you to ask questions about your current orders and to chat with our Deployment team.