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Founded in June 2005, OpenIP is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) specialized in high-speed Internet access, IP Telephony and collaborative solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. OpenIP is both a Telecommunications Operator with an ARCEP L.331 Licence and an Internet service provider, member of LIR (Local Internet registry) with RIPE NCC.

OpenIP manages a wide variety of services hosted on a multi-datacentre backbone Cloud infrastructure, interoperated with the main collection, transit and termination operators in the market.

In keeping with its 100% indirect marketing strategy, OpenIP markets its services through a network of over 1000 IT and telecom integrators to whom it provides a structured learning and support programme (training, technical and commercial support, project management assistance, marketing tools, lead generation). OpenIP is particularly recognized for the quality of its partner programme and the sound technical expertise of its teams. At the same time, OpenIP infomanages the infrastructures of over 60 service operators through its Operators Division.


OpenIP Results


OpenIP's core business is to provide these integrators with Unified Communications solutions, enabling them to respond effectively to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. These solutions include, in particular:

OpenIP Packages

A High Availability Telecom Infrastructure

  • Linked to the networks of the main French Internet infrastructure providers (Orange, SFR Numéricable, Completel, Axione, Covage)
  • Secured by VPN MPLS, IP VPN and VPN Nomades technologies.
  • SIP technology certified by the main manufacturers and vendors of Telephony and Unified Communications on the market (Mitel, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Unify, Panasonic, etc.)

Infrastructure Operators


Local support for all your Internet & Telecom projects

OpenIP works in partnership with over 1000 expert partners in France. These Internet & Telecom Integration Experts provide you with global support on the installation and maintenance of your telephone and/or Internet system.

The Experts consist of IT and Telecoms Integrators, certified on most existing Unified Communications, Collaborative Working and Internet & Telecoms Convergence technologies:

  • IP telephony (SIP Trunking, IP Centrex, Cloud Telephony),
  • Internet & Telecom convergence (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Unify, Cisco, Mitel, 3CX, Panasonic, etc.)
  • Highly Available Internet access (Connections, Internet service continuity & link auto-backup)
  • Security of your installations (multi-site VPN, nomadic VPN, anti-piracy Telecoms, etc.)

The Experts provide companies with effective technical and commercial support and a national response capacity. The Experts assist companies in identifying their IT and telephone needs and provide them with a coherent and relevant technical response.

As a result, the Experts provide local advice and support, which is both accessible and responsive, and highly appreciated by companies.

OpenIP Partner Manufacturers


Satisfied customers

With over 2500 corporate customers in France, OpenIP is one of the leaders in the French Unified Communications market. OpenIP boasts a track record in all areas of activity:

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